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Why Study With Us

Graduating highly-skilled chiropractors

Since 1994, the New Zealand College of Chiropractic has been helping to restore balance to human health, both locally and globally, by graduating highly-skilled chiropractors who are well-grounded in the foundational practice and principles of chiropractic.

Our vitalistic approach and our family-oriented culture provides a boutique educational experience that sets us apart.

Why study with us

Internationally recognised

A world-renowned chiropractic programme, providing the opportunity to practise and change lives around the world.

Highest standards

Highest standards of hands-on learning and cutting-edge research.

Hands on experience

Practical hands on experience in our state-of-the-art public chiropractic centre.


The College’s international reputation means our students are highly sought-after with over 90% of our graduates working in the profession within six months of graduation.

Competitive course fees

Competitive course fees making us one of the most cost effective programmes worldwide.


Located in Auckland – ranked as the world’s most livable city. (2021 EIU’s annual survey).


We are accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the Council of Chiropractic Education Australasia and our academic programme attracts students from all over the world.

Meet our students

Find out what inspired some of our students to choose chiropractic, their experience studying at our College and ambitions for the future.

Ihaia’s Story

Meet Ihaia, a second-year student from Gisborne who plans to use his chiropractic skills to raise the health standards of local communities.

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Victoria’s Story

Meet Victoria, a third year student from Ontario, Canada who has found her calling in chiropractic and strong friendships along the way.

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Randall’s Story

Meet Randall, a first-year student from Vancouver who was so keen to come to the College, she was willing to wait.

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Serena’s Story

Meet Serena, a second-year student from Christchurch who moved to Auckland to pursue her chiropractic calling.

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Alexa’s Story

Meet Alexa, a professional trampolinist and second-year student from South Auckland whose personal experience with chiropractic enticed her to make it a career.

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Maryam’s Story

Meet Maryam, a first-year student from Ontario, Canada who went the extra mile to discover if the New Zealand College of Chiropractic was for her.

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Katie’s Story

Meet Katie, a second year student from Okotoks, a small town south of Calgary, who has dreamed of being a chiropractor since she was 15.

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Deanna’s Story

Meet Deanna, a third-year student who changed her longstanding career for a fresh start in chiropractic.

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Sachin’s Story

Meet Sachin, a fourth-year student who has put his dreams of a professional cricket career on hold to pursue his purpose in chiropractic.

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