Serena’s Story

Meet Serena, a second-year student from Christchurch who moved to Auckland to pursue her chiropractic calling.

In the blood

Serena comes from a long line of chiropractors and has been under chiropractic care since birth. While chiropractic has always been a natural part of life and routine for Serena, it wasn’t always a given that she would choose a career in chiropractic. Serena studied health sciences at Otago University and learnt so much about the body but realised early on that this wasn’t the degree for her and started to consider her options.

Following your heart

Hearing College President, Phil McMaster, talk in Dunedin inspired Serena to apply to the College. She realised that her strong interest in the human body, spinal health and a desire for a hands-on career that would give her opportunities to run her own business, aligned with what chiropractic can offer.

Moving to the big city

While convinced chiropractic was the career she wanted to pursue, Serena had reservations about moving to Auckland, which changed soon after she made the move.

Serena moved in to a shared flat near the College and made friends instantly.

She’s recognised a significant lift in her own self-confidence and ability to communicate with others since moving to Auckland to study at the College and credits her personal growth to the learning environment and the experience of moving away from home.

Global friendships

Serena says the best part of studying at the College so far has been meeting students from all over the world. “I felt the College aligned with my values and I was glad I didn’t have to leave the country to achieve the degree I need.”

‘See it for yourself’

Serena believes anyone considering a career in chiropractic should go and experience it first-hand, by getting checked by a chiropractor and watching them in action.

“Attending talks and gaining
first-hand experience is a great place to start. Keep an open mind, find your path and go for it!”