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The Bachelor of Chiropractic (BChiro)

A world-class academic programme

The College attracts students from all over the world who are looking for a balanced academic and practical programme in an innovative and supportive learning environment.

Our curriculum is informed by the same vitalistic understanding that chiropractic has of the body’s ability to self-regulate, self-organise and self-heal.

Your chiropractic journey

Foundation – Year 1

Complete approved basic health science courses at the College or an approved provider.

Year 2

Build on foundational knowledge and get hands-on experience to develop your technique.

Year 3

Build on your academic knowledge and your chiropractic practice skills.

Year 4

Begin your internship in the Chiropractic Centre and develop practical, communication and business skills.

Year 5

Build confidence and certainty applying the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic in a real-world setting.

An environment to thrive

An ever-evolving curriculum

Our curriculum is regularly revised to integrate the latest chiropractic research and technique developments. Lecturers combine the principles of chiropractic with these developments to teach a curriculum that delivers the world’s best chiropractic graduates.

Boutique learning environment

Much like New Zealand itself, the College is small and proud of it, with a maximum intake of 105 students per year. It is because of this great student-to-lecturer ratio that every student is guaranteed to get the best learning experience possible.

World-class teachers

The College boasts a wide variety of lecturers and mentors, from New Zealand and around the world. They are renowned and hold advanced degrees in a range of science fields as well as having many years of chiropractic practice experience.

Becoming practice ready

Our on-campus Chiropractic Centre is the largest in the southern hemisphere and provides a real-world experience for chiropractic interns completing the final two years of their degree.

Chiropractic research

Watch how our Centre for Chiropractic Research is shaping our academic programme and providing students with the opportunity to be directly involved in research studies.

Innovation in the classroom

Watch how our new interactive anatomy screen is enhancing students learning in their first years at the College.

Chiropractic abroad

Watch how we’re bringing chiropractic care to the Cook Islands.

New Zealand College of Chiropractic Pillars of Learning

Philosophy (the ‘Why’)

We take a vitalistic approach to chiropractic. We acknowledge the body’s innate ability to heal itself and chiropractic’s role in helping people express optimal health and wellbeing.

Art (the ‘How’)

We teach a wide range of techniques and students get to develop their skills from day one with the guidance of the College’s
first-class mentorship.

Science (the ‘What’)

Our curriculum is continually updated to include the latest research and evidence-based practice. We constantly introduce new technologies and innovative teaching because our faculty are just as passionate as our students.

Programme structure

Our programme structure document includes all course summaries and descriptors by year and semester.

Find out more

Chiropractic Centre

Our on-campus Chiropractic Centre provides a real-world experience for students as they complete their chiropractic internship in the final two years of the degree.

Community Outreach

Student interns regularly attend community events and have the opportunity to participate in an overseas mission trip to provide chiropractic care.

Diagnostic Imaging Residency

The Residency in Diagnostic Imaging at New Zealand College of Chiropractic provides educational training to qualified, registered Chiropractors.