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Strategic Plan
Our strategic plan reflects our focus of continuous improvement and our commitment to educating great people to become the world’s best chiropractors.

The Spirit of the College is the embrodiment of our Vision, Mission and Values.


A world of people expressing optimal potential.


Educating great people to become the world’s best chiropractors.


Gratitude, Integrity, Vision, Excellence, Love and Respect.

Our aims

  • To graduate competent, compassionate, caring leaders who reflect personally and professionally the values of the College and contribute to its ongoing development.
  • To encourage graduates to be innovative, inspirational and committed to lifelong learning and the principles of chiropractic for a sustainable future.
  • To offer a well-resourced, integrated, relevant, evidence-based curriculum, that prioritises public protection and care of the patient with the correction of vertebral subluxation as the primary chiropractic aim.
  • To provide sustainable financial management that ensures a viable and prosperous College.
  • To adhere to best management practice in our day-to-day operation and provide a working environment that fosters professional growth, develop ment and fulfilment of our staff and faculty.
  • To have a state-of-the-art facility that creates the optimum learning environment for faculty, students, staff and the profession.
  • To promote the growth and development of the chiropractic profession through leading edge research that explores the principles of chiropractic.
  • To be ethical and authentic in all decisions and actions that consider the greater good of our community, college and the profession.
  • To participate and contribute to the local, global, and professional community through engagement, volunteerism and representation.
  • To achieve the objectives of the Government for tertiary education.
  • To care for our students to a standard that exceeds the expectation of our accrediting agencies.

Graduate Profile

Our Graduates:

  • Demonstrate chiropractic excellence in all aspects of chiropractic care with an evidence-informed, public safety and patient care focus.
  • Are professional in everything they do.
  • Eloquently communicate and demonstrate the principles of chiropractic and contribute to the health of their communities.
  • Have a high degree of emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • Commit to continuous personal and professional development.
  • Willingly collaborate to achieve the best outcomes.

Strategic goals

World Class Academic Programme

Philosophical congruency and programme alignment

  • Develop an audit process to ensure our programme is philosophically congruent with the principles of chiropractic and Te Tiriti o Waitangi and there is alignment between the academic programme, the chiropractic experience and the graduate profile

Case-based learning

  • Develop an effective case-based learning programme

Externship programme

  • Develop an externship programme

5-year programme

  • Gain accreditation to deliver the full 5 year chiropractic programme at the College

Culture Renovation

Set our culture path

  • Normalise change and promote agility throughout the College
  • Develop and deploy a comprehensive listening strategy
  • Cultivate the culture we desire and maintain and monitor our renovated culture
  • Develop a framework to guide the way we communicate, interact, and lead that’s aligned with the spirit of the College and Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Develop our people

  • Develop training programmes for our people that support their growth and development
  • Develop a framework for individualised, values-based, ongoing performance and development conversations with our people
  • Develop transparent career pathways for our people that support work/life balance and set markers for advancement and remuneration
  • Develop staff, faculty and student recruitment selection and onboarding processes that are aligned with our culture

Promote wellbeing

  • Position wellbeing at the core of the way our people experience college life
  • Foster a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  • Provide world class pastoral care for our students, staff and faculty

Growth and Innovation

Commercialisation of products and ideas

  • Establish a research commercialisation arm at the College
  • Support the commercialisation of appropriate technology and ideas developed at the College

Develop a practice-based research network

  • Digitise the Chiropractic Centre
  • Establish an external practice-based research network

Develop ‘Brand Chiropractic’

  • Build our digital asset capability
  • Support the profession’s public campaign to increase chiropractic utilisation

Develop our giving programme

  • Create a capital campaign
  • Develop our endowment programme
  • Create a legacy programme

Support the profession’s need for more chiropractors

  • Work with stakeholders to assess and monitor the need for more chiropractors in New Zealand
  • Increase student intake to 105 per year