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  6 Harrison Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland     09 526 2100
  6 Harrison Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland     09 526 2100
Chiropractic Centre
The Chiropractic Centre is a world-class, state-of-the-art chiropractic facility featuring the latest radiology and adjustment equipment.

Chiropractic care for health and performance

Your body is amazing – designed to heal, repair and function at its best.

When stress or discomfort is ongoing, the quality of your sleep, work, and family time can suffer.

That’s why we offer personalised chiropractic care, helping your body function at its best so you can embrace your life to its fullest.

Move freely, live fully

Transform your everyday life

Move freely

Chiropractic techniques focus on restoring proper spine and nervous system function to help you adapt and thrive in your daily life.

Feel great

When your body is working faultlessly, you feel great – movement is easier, sleep is better, and your enjoyment of every day is more complete.

Live fully

Get back to enjoying the activities you love, from playing with your kids to enjoying your favourite sport.

Welcome to the Chiropractic Centre at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic

As part of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, we’ve created a centre in Mt Wellington, Auckland, for everyone to benefit from the best chiropractic care.

You will be cared for by student interns and will benefit from the most current hands-on approaches to chiropractic care in an expert-supervised environment.

Your journey towards better health and wellbeing

1. Book a consultation

Book your initial consultation to discuss your health needs and goals.

2. Personalised plan

Receive a personalised chiropractic care plan developed under expert supervision.

3. Tracking your progress

Begin your treatment and experience ongoing evaluations to track your progress.

Meet your health goals

Get chiropractic care

Find out more about chiropractic care

Organise a community health talk

Student-led, expert-supervised chiropractic solutions

Our holistic and patient-centric approach focuses on chiropractic care plans that are personalised to your specific health care needs and provide you with pain relief, improved range of motion, and overall better health and wellbeing.

Our friendly and helpful staff and interns are keen to assist you in your journey towards improved health.


Will I see the same intern each time I visit?

Yes, we aim to provide continuity in your care. You’ll generally see the same intern for each visit, which allows for continuity in your personalised chiropractic care plan.

Are the interns supervised?

Absolutely. Our interns work closely under the supervision of experienced chiropractors. This mentorship approach ensures that you receive a high-quality, safe, and effective chiropractic care plan.

How does care differ from seeing a fully qualified chiropractor?

The level of care you receive is similar, but our setting is unique in that it’s a learning environment. While the chiropractic care plans are guided by mentors, the hands-on care is provided by interns, making our services more affordable.

Can I choose my intern?

We try to accommodate preferences where possible, although it might depend on intern availability. The aim is to match you with an intern who best suits your healthcare needs.

What training have the interns completed?

Our interns are in the final 18 months of a rigorous 5-year training program. They’ve completed extensive coursework and have hands-on experience before they begin taking care of clients.

Are there any conditions you can’t see?

While chiropractic care can address a wide range of issues, some conditions may require medical intervention. We can discuss your specific health concerns during the initial consultation.

Can I come if I’m in a wheelchair?

Our Chiropractic Centre is wheelchair-accessible, and we are experienced in providing care to individuals with mobility challenges.

Can you work with babies and children?

Yes, chiropractic care can be adapted for individuals of all ages, including babies and children. Our chiropractic care plans are gentle and tailored to the specific needs of each age group.

Will it hurt?

The majority of chiropractic techniques are not painful. We prioritise your comfort and will adjust our techniques to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible.

How much force is used?

The amount of force used varies depending on the techniques used and the individual’s needs. Our goal is to use the minimum amount of force needed to achieve optimal results.