Grace’s Story

Meet Grace, a mother of one with a business degree and fresh chiropractic ambitions.

Overcoming doubt

Grace has experienced chiropractic care most of her life and came to the College after working as a chiropractic assistant in her hometown in the Wairarapa. Grace ultimately felt a pull towards something more having spent considerable time watching and speaking with the practice’s chiropractor. Putting any doubts aside, she was encouraged to pursue chiropractic study herself, despite the huge changes to her life this would mean.

“Initially I thought it was too hard. I had a child, the College was in Auckland, it just seemed not possible. It wasn’t until a friend said ‘so what’ to all my doubts, that I realised I should try.”

Pursuing her purpose

Grace set herself a test. If she could manage mum-life whilst travelling into Palmerston North each day to complete prerequisite study at Massey University, she could prove to herself that embarking on a new degree was possible.

Striking the right balance

Grace says she keeps herself on a strict schedule to balance study and family life. When she’s studying, she’s fully focussed, so that when she gets home, she can be present with her young daughter and partner. She admits to having had reservations about moving to Auckland without help of extended family, but says the supportive nature of the College enables her to balance her needs as a mum and a student.

Graduation goals

After graduating, Grace intends to work in New Zealand for a few years and then travel the world and keep learning from other chiopractors. She also wants more kids and says the flexible nature of a chiropractor’s lifestyle means that is possible.

Her advice for other mature students or parents contemplating a career in chiropractic? You can do it!

Just because you are older, or just because you have kids, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it and it shouldn’t put you off. You’re part of the family here and that’s been really encouraging for me.”