Randall’s Story

Meet Randall, a first-year student from Vancouver who was so keen to come to the College, she was willing to wait.

A natural fit

Randall has been adjusted herself since she was an infant and was exposed to a range of healthcare modalities growing up, which she says gave her a clear understanding of the path she wanted to follow. After high school, Randall did an undergraduate degree in kinesiology and began exploring career options and shadowing a number of professionals to get a feel for each profession. “I shadowed my own family chiropractor a number of times and through that started to see myself enjoying the lifestyle as well as the instant gratification I could offer to people as a chiropractor.”

She researched a number of chiropractic schools in Canada and the west coast of the US before her family chiropractor suggested she attend the College’s local information event, a suggestion that turned out to be a game-changer.

“I knew I was keen on the College’s programme, but adding in the aspect of a new adventure and being able to travel was a big drawcard as well.”

Complementary cultures

While she has experienced bouts of homesickness and has had to overcome some challenges with settling, Randall says she finds the College, her fellow students and Kiwis in general hugely supportive and welcoming. “Kiwis and Canadians are very similar, so it hasn’t been too much of a change there. Auckland is also very similar to the west coast of Canada, so there wasn’t really any culture shock per se.”

Now that she’s settled, Randall has joined the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) and is finding new opportunities to connect with others and further broaden her horizons. “Being open minded and jumping right into opportunities was a big thing I promised myself I was going to do by coming here; it’s all part of the adventure.”

In no rush to leave

As well as learning the skills to become a great chiropractor, Randall plans to make the most of the fact she’s living on other the side of the world. “I want to see every inch of New Zealand as much as I can while I am here.”

With three years of study ahead of her, Randall is excited to build her knowledge and skills and to use her internship years to put these into practice with a wide range of community members as she refines her future plans.

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