Deanna’s Story

Meet Deanna, a third-year student who changed her longstanding career for a fresh start in chiropractic.

My chiropractic calling

Originally from Levin, Deanna was a travelling fitness trainer-medic supporting the New Zealand National Women’s softball team, where she worked alongside experienced chiropractor, Dr Paul Aitu, for six years.

During her time on the healthcare team, she became fascinated to see the positive changes Paul was able to facilitate for the players and management. However, she could not imagine becoming a chiropractor herself.

The 25 years since she last studied seemed too much an obstacle for her to consider chiropractic as a career, but Paul invited her to the annual chiropractic conference Lyceum which changed her mind and she applied to the College.

Making the move

Seeing the College first-hand and immersing herself in the chiropractic profession at Lyceum inspired Deanna to follow her passions. She quit her job and moved to Auckland with her family to commence her prerequisite study at AUT.

Back to the books

Deanna admits getting back into study has been challenging after not studying for so long. Once at the College, she felt supported to manage the workload and has made some great friends whilst having support systems in place, particularly as she begins her internship in the Chiropractic Centre. “I have seen how much people have grown from being in the Chiropractic Centre and I am keen to be amongst that.”

Getting involved

Deanna is making the most of the opportunities the College has to offer. She’s been working as a Chiropractic Assistant at the College’s Chiropractic Centre since year one and is also an active member of the Māori and Pacific Island Club. She loves the interactions she experiences through this group and is particularly passionate about fostering this diversity at the College.

She says the love and support from whānau and friends truly keep her focussed on the ultimate goal.

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