Sachin’s Story

Meet Sachin, a fourth-year student who has put his dreams of a professional cricket career on hold to pursue his purpose in chiropractic.

Serendipitously stumped

An avid cricket player with professional ambitions, Sachin has always taken a keen interest in the way the body moves, but it wasn’t until he sustained an injury during a cricket match that he realised the importance of keeping the body in top condition.

Forced to rethink his sports ambitions while he underwent surgery, Sachin started to re-evaluate his understanding of health.

Power of prevention

When Sachin’s surgeon told him his injury was one he would expect to see in a 60-year-old, the then 22-year-old started questioning whether his injury could have been prevented. Sachin felt compelled to help others to be able to better respond to environmental stressors and assist them in preventing the physical setbacks he experienced.

Now in his fourth year and practising at the College’s Chiropractic Centre, many of his cricket teammates come to him to have their spine and nerve system checked.

A no-brainer

Sachin never looked anywhere other than the College to complete his chiropractic qualifications and says students achieve both professional and personal growth.

“From your thought processes, to how you carry yourself, your mannerisms and of course your knowledge, you grow so much and it changes you for the better. Not only do you come out a chiropractor, you come out a better person.”

On a mission

After graduating, Sachin has two clear ambitions. First up he plans to travel to Sri Lanka on a mission trip to offer chiropractic care to others. He then plans to come home to Auckland and manage one of his sister’s chiropractic practices. Longer term, he’s keen to maintain his sporting connections and work his way up in professional sports healthcare.