Dylan and Victoria’s Story

Meet first-year students Dylan and Victoria, a couple from Ontario, Canada with a passion for helping people.

Follow your passion!

Dylan grew up with chiropractic. His father is a chiropractor, so a career in chiropractic was always on the cards. But it wasn’t the same for Victoria. Whilst she had interest in health and helping people, it wasn’t until she met Dylan that she even heard about the profession. Once the pair mentally committed to studying chiropractic, it was time to look for schools.

“Making sure the values of the school align with mine was the biggest thing for me”, says Dylan. “You can go to any school and become a chiropractor, but I found New Zealand College of Chiropractic’s values resonated with my own and that alignment is important in chiropractic.”

Filling gaps and packing bags

To meet pre-requisite requirements, both Dylan and Victoria had educational gaps to fill, which they achieved via online training courses recommended by the College. Both did so whilst holding down full-time jobs in Canada. “It was full on, but possible!” says Victoria.

Settling in to kiwi life

The school’s support started before the pair left Canada, with advice on accommodation, transport options, student employment opportunities and costs of living.

Once we got here, we joined in with campus events and sports teams to get to know other students and find our place.”

Dylan also volunteered for World Congress of Chiropractic Students worldwide, where he is now a regional coordinator.

Life outside of the College

Studying in New Zealand gives the adventurous couple an opportunity to explore a new country. On their student budget, the pair purchased a van, converted it and use it to travel New Zealand and make the most of their time abroad.