Katie’s Story

Meet Katie, a second year student from Okotoks, a small town south of Calgary, who has dreamed of being a chiropractor since she was 15.

A clear vision

Katie was a 15-year-old high school student when her father drove her to Calgary city to hear the College present its course to potential Canadian students – and she was instantly hooked. She sent in her application and, from that point, focussed her sights on doing what she needed to do to make her chiropractic dreams a reality, including selecting subjects in high school that would set her up well for her tertiary chapter, which she also hoped would allow her to explore new parts of the world. “I had never been to New Zealand but I had always had the idea that my University years would be a good time to get some travel in too, so having my chiropractic school of choice based in New Zealand allowed me to do both.”

Get stuck in!

Since officially joining on campus, Katie has continued her passion for connecting and networking. “All the College events are great for meeting people, having fun, making connections, and networking with others in the profession.”

Doing well together

She says College community really has become her local family, with the College and students creating a strong support system for each other. “Even before I left Canada I had College staff helping with the administrative side of life in New Zealand. The College is so on to it with those sorts of things, you’re not left on your own.”

A world of opportunity

Katie is excited to get stuck into her internship and Chiropractic Centre experience over the next two years. After that, she plans to sit her Canadian board exams, so that setting up a practice back at home is an option for her.

She’s not planning to head straight back to Canada though, opting instead to stay in New Zealand for a couple more years to get some local practice as an associate and explore the country further.

“Coming to New Zealand has opened my mind to other options. My studies and connections here are opening up so many opportunities for me.”

It’s this flexibility and balance which Katie says she really appreciates about the chiropractic profession and plans to fully leverage in the years to come. “I want to help people but enjoy myself as well.”