Maryam’s Story

Meet Maryam, a first-year student from Ontario, Canada who went the extra mile to discover if the New Zealand College of Chiropractic was for her.

The path to New Zealand

Maryam always knew her career would be in healthcare because of her love for human anatomy. She completed a four-year kinesiology degree, during which she honed her practical skills volunteering and working at various wellbeing practices, including a local chiropractic clinic.

Smashing stereotypes

Despite her passion for the profession, the chiropractors she was working with were large, strong men and, as a petite female she wasn’t certain whether chiropractic was something she would be physically able to do. However, that all changed after attending a conference where she met female chiropractors she was inspired by. She started believing this could be a profession for her.

As well as the philosophy of chiropractic, the quality of life of a chiropractor drew me in too. Every chiropractor I have ever met is always smiling, always glowing and they love their life and their job.”

Where there’s a will there’s a way

Maryam started exploring chiropractic colleges. Not wanting to make a rash decision, Maryam decided to fly to New Zealand to attend the College’s Open Day. “I came here and the culture was amazing, welcoming and family-based. I immediately felt at home.”

Preparing for student life

Within her first week of starting at the College, Maryam got to know her classmates during Orientation and at Camp Life 101. “We were able to challenge and support each other through activities and help each other overcome obstacles. Now we support each other in the classroom and everyday life.”

Settling in

She saved enough to pay for her first year tuition and lined up work with the help of the College. “Studying and working is definitely easier than I initially thought. I work the 20 hours my visa permits while doing well in class and enjoying time out on the weekends.

To make life away from home easier, Maryam connected with fellow Muslim students and set up a club for Muslim students to get together. The College supported her efforts by making available prayer mats and a space for members to pray.