Victoria’s Story

Meet Victoria, a third year student from Ontario, Canada who has found her calling in chiropractic and strong friendships along the way.

Finding your purpose

Victoria discovered chiropractic during a year off from an undergraduate degree in kinesiology. She observed a number of different professions, but was drawn to chiropractic. “The energy the chiropractor exuded was amazing. He changed people’s lives and did so without surgery or prescription.”

An instant connection with the College
Armed with a newfound passion for chiropractic, Victoria sat in on a Career Talk of the College President at the time, Phil McMaster. “He talked about everything I believed about the body, which is that it’s smart and it knows what to do and we just need to let it do what it’s been made to do.” After hearing the College President talk, her mind was made up. “There is nowhere else I wanted to be. This school has passion and it has heart.”

Making the most of life abroad

Victoria enjoys making the most of what Auckland and New Zealand have to offer. She found it easy, particularly in the first two years, to go away on weekends and plan longer trips around the country during term break. “To get out of Auckland is one of the best things you can do. The countryside is beautiful.”

Friends forever

Victoria didn’t know anyone in New Zealand before she arrived but says she has met friends here she expects to have for the rest of her life. “It’s amazing to be at a small school where you know everybody and everyone supports everyone. You meet the most incredible people who love what you love.”

Putting learning into practice

Now in her third year, Victoria has started providing chiropractic care to public practice members as a Chiropractic Intern under the supervision of experienced Mentors.

Third year is really exciting! Although you are hands on from day one, this is where you start to apply all of the knowledge and skills that you have learned.”

Like most students in her year group, Victoria took part in the annual Chiropractic Abroad trip to Rarotonga. “It is an incredible opportunity because the people of Rarotonga understand the value of chiropractic and there are kids who have been coming since birth.”

Life after graduation

Armed with the knowledge and network she has acquired so far, Victoria says she feels the world is her oyster.