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English Language Requirements

English Language Requirements

The College may be satisfied that an applicant meets English language standards with the following:

  • If English is the applicant’s first language, or;
  • If the applicant has a New Zealand university entrance qualification, or;
  • If the applicant has an overseas university entrance qualification from a country where the main language is English and the main language of instruction and assessment for the qualification is English, or;
  • If the applicant is 20 years or older, and is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident;
  • The applicant provides a valid IELTS certificate.

The standard of English Language competence that the College requires is, or is equivalent to, an academic IELTS overall score of 7.0, with no individual language skill under 6.5.

An IELTS certificate is normally valid for two years.

In the case of a first time student, if in the opinion of the Admissions Committee an applicant requires an IELTS to be considered for enrolment, the applicant must provide a valid IELTS certificate irrespective of whether they meet any of the above standards.

If, in the opinion of the Academic Board, a student fails courses due to their English language skills, the Dean of Chiropractic reserves the right to request the student (both domestic and international) to enrol in an IELTS course and attain a current and valid IELTS certificate. This applies even if a student has previously submitted an IELTS certificate.

The New Zealand Chiropractic Board requires registered chiropractors to have an IELTS overall score of 7.5, with no individual score under 7.0. It is expected that students would increase their English language skills through the programme to be able to meet the registration requirements. For more information contact the Registrar at the New Zealand Chiropractic Board.