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Tua Iwi Foundation
Together with our alumni and friends, we share great pride in investing in the future of chiropractic, so new generations of chiropractors will experience a world-class education delivered by a world-class faculty and in world-class facilities.

Securing the best future for our College

Established in 2002, the Tua Iwi Foundation is for those wanting to join the leadership movement in ensuring the delivery of vitalistic, subluxation-focused chiropractic education.

From the Te Reo Māori, ‘Tua (meaning spine or backbone) and Iwi (meaning tribe or nation)’, Tua Iwi members secure the best future for our College.

As a member of Tua Iwi, your regular giving directly supports other projects such as the renovation of the Chiropractic Centre and large capital projects.

There are many ways to give, and your support as a Tua Iwi member is one of the best ways to bring the College vision and mission to life.

Join Tua Iwi

Join the prestigious Tua Iwi Foundation today and support our vision of a world of people expressing optimal potential.

Tua Iwi Members

Platinum Members

Chris Barham

Chiropractic Life

Eden Chiropractic

Gold Members

Dr Kelly Holt

Silver Members

Dr Ben & Monique Bruce

Class of 2008

Dr Laurence & Sarah Gilmore

Dr Anna Heath

Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants

Dr Ben Mahoney

Bronze Members

Drs John & Dionne Bassano

Dr Lindsay & Jason Best

Dr Dean & Priyanka D’cruz

Dr Bruce & Marsha Ellis

Dr Cassandra Fairest

Dr Marina & Richard Fox

Dr Michael & Sylvia Hooker

Drs Timothy Jack & Matthew Jacob

Dr Isaac Jones

Dr Sam Keeling

Vikki Kelly

Drs Peter J Kevorkian & Patti A Giuliano

Drs Kasey McMaster-Stoeten and Sindre Stoeten

Drs Blair & Rosemary Norwood

Drs Ash & Katie Pritchard

Dr Chris and Tamara Ramsay

Dr Ross Slater

Dr Mario Stefano

Dr Adrian Stocco

Dr Valerie Tan

Tasman Chiropractic

Dr Hayden Thomas

Drs Tom & Chanelle Vaughan

Drs Alex and Matthew Wild

Last updated 16 January 2024