/ Translating research into practice for chiropractors
Translating research into practice for chiropractors

In an entertaining, educational and conversational format, learn about the chiropractic research that will offer you confidence and certainty.

In this amazing educational webinar Dr Heidi Haavik, Dr Imran Khan Niazi and Dr Nitika Kumari discuss their groundbreaking chiropractic research and bring it to life in meaningful ways for practitioners to understand and effectively apply in practice.

LEARN cutting edge research that will allow you confidence and certainty in practice.
COMMUNICATE the benefits of chiropractic to your patients and community.
ESTABLISH yourself as a health authority.

What to expect:

– Learn about the effects of chiropractic on the brain’s ability to more efficiently produce muscle strength in people.
– We cover studies exploring outcomes in a healthy population, student population and in an elite sports population.
– We will be discussing the changes in muscle strength and the mechanism behind such changes in the strength after chiropractic adjustments.
– Also learn about the impact of chiropractic adjustment for stroke patients.
– Learn about 5 stroke studies, 3 basic science studies focusing on single-session chiropractic adjustments for subacute and chronic stroke patients, and 2 clinical studies examining the effects of multiple chiropractic sessions on outcome measures for stroke patients.
– One of these five studies looks at the impact of a single session of adjustments on the strength, cortical drive and spinal excitability in stroke patients.