Technique Clubs

The College supports student clubs and encourages all students to participate.

Clubs are run by students and have a faculty advisor. All students may attend non-technique clubs. Students may attend technique clubs for College core techniques, if they have completed or are enrolled in the corresponding technique course.

Students may NOT attend technique clubs for techniques not taught at the College until they have completed and passed all of the College core technique courses.


While cementing all concepts covered in the NZCC Gonstead Course, this club also works towards creating a community of students that can locate, analyse, and correct subluxation and communicate ChiropracTIC through the Gonstead Technique with confidence.


Members meet and work together to gain a greater understanding of concepts and become better diversified adjusters.

Palpation and Analysis

The club aims to support the development of palpation skills and vertebral subluxation analysis procedures of members. Students will have time to practice areas of Chiropractic analysis that they are struggling with or further enhance their skills to improve their overall certainty in subluxation detection.

Upper Cervical Specific

Club meets fortnightly to support the further development of skills learned in the 1TECHUCS1 course. Students are urged to attend club sessions periodically because Upper Cervical spinal analysis and toggle recoil adjusting technique is detailed and subtle and requires regular practice to advance competence and confidence.

Other Clubs


The Philosophy NZCC Club aims to create a collaborative network of student leaders, maintain maximum student turn-out, and facilitate discussion and an open environment for communication.


A club that aims to keep its members exposed to and up-to-date with current and relevant chiropractic research, as well as enhance their ability and skill of understanding, presenting, discussing, and critiquing chiropractic research.


A social group focused on promoting health and well being through exercise.


The World Congress of Chiropractic Students aims to advance and unite the global chiropractic profession through inspiration, integrity and leadership. The NZCC Chapter is a strong force both within New Zealand and internationally.

Chiro Fit

Members have access to the gym located in the Kura Building and the wide range of cardio and strength equipment available. Membership is free, however you must join by completing a membership form available at reception. All members must abide by the guidelines of use.