A young convert

Jinni became sold on the many benefits of chiropractic care during childhood. As a 10-year-old suffering from asthma and back-related breathing issues, her parents took her to a local chiropractor for support. After six months of care, Jinni’s breathing improved significantly.

Passionate about animals from a young age, Jinni initially considered a career in veterinary care, but when she overheard a discussion about chiropractic for animals at her high school career expo, she saw an opportunity to marry her passions for natural health and animals together. “I knew I had wanted to work with animals somehow and when I heard about animal chiropractic I thought – this is it, this sounds amazing, this could be what I am doing for the rest of my life.”

Hidden gem in her own backyard

A Mt Albert local, Jinni didn’t initially understand what a fantastic resource she had in her own backyard. “Even growing up in Auckland, I didn’t know the NZCC existed and, to be honest, it wasn’t until I had successfully enrolled and been attending for a few weeks that I realized how blessed I was to be a part of the College. The philosophy component here at the NZCC is unique, as are the numerous practical opportunities to learn. You literally get hands on from day one here.”

From a number to a name

Having completed some pre-requisite papers at another Auckland university, Jinni noticed a significant cultural change upon arriving at the NZCC. “I went from being given an ID number, to being known by name.” She says the small class sizes and ability to connect one-on-one with lecturers makes the NZCC feel less like an educational institution, and more like a family.

Jinni believes the family feel at the College is indicative of the wider chiropractic community too.

“Chiropractors are so passionate about the profession and keen to see it thrive and continue. So My advice to others interested in learning more about chiropractic is to reach out to a local chiropractor and see what insights they can share with you.”

While she feels lucky to have grown up in Auckland and not had to make much of a lifestyle change to attend the College, Jinni admits she did experience a significant mindset shift as she moved away from the medical thinking behind veterinary care, towards the more holistic and natural approach of chiropractic. She says she’s enjoyed being able to maintain her social and work commitments alongside her studies, particularly in the first couple of years. This included making use of options to deep dive into subjects through on-campus clubs and talks.

Taking chiropractic to the community

One of the highlights of Jinni’s NZCC experience has been her time working in the NZCC’s Chiropractic Centre, where she’s been supporting members of the public with their wellbeing needs during her third and fourth years. “Putting all that we have learnt from our first 2.5 years into practice and watching it all come together in my head and hands is amazing”. She’s also a big fan of running community events to educate the public about the benefits of chiropractic. “Going out into the community to spread the word about chiropractic and allow members of the public to experience its benefits first hand is cool.”

Bringing her learning full circle

After graduating, Jinni intends to work for a couple of years before travelling overseas to hone her animal-specific chiropractic skills. From here, she wants to come home to work with animals, possibly setting up her own animal chiropractic clinic and adding to New Zealand’s database of knowledge on the subject with case studies of her own. “Then, I’d love to come back to the NZCC and help to create an animal-specific chiropractic module to give back to the school that has taught me so much and to inspire others with a passion for animals towards more holistic and natural approaches that can improve the quality of life of our furry friends.”