These exceptional students passed their Chiropractic Centre Entrance Exams and are ready to welcome practice members to their practice in the Chiropractic Centre.

The College’s public Chiropractic Centre is one of the largest practices in Australasia. Over 140 interns offer excellent chiropractic care under the supervision of registered chiropractors and the centre can see up to 1000 people a week in the busy periods.

With the highest requirements of any chiropractic college worldwide, students study for three years to prepare for the rigorous chiropractic centre entrance exam. Once they pass the exam, they spend a further two years fine tuning their practical chiropractic skills as well as additional classroom work before they graduate as practise-ready chiropractors.

Welcome Junior Interns to the Chiropractic Centre and congratulations.

To make an appointment or to speak to someone about the services offered by the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, call 09 526 2100.