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Georgia’s Story

Meet Georgia, a third year student with a passion for people and paying it forward.

Devon’s Story

Meet Devon, a Canadian mum of two who moved her family from the UK to NZ to pursue her chiropractic dreams.

Alexa’s Story

Meet Alexa, a professional trampolinist and second-year student from South Auckland whose personal experience with chiropractic enticed her to make it a career.

Deanna’s Story

Meet Deanna, a third-year student who changed her longstanding career for a fresh start in chiropractic.

Jono’s Story

Meet Jono, a second year student and part-time builder from Tauranga who hopes to destigmatise self-care for kiwi men through chiropractic.

Serena’s Story

Meet Serena, a second-year student from Christchurch who moved to Auckland to pursue her chiropractic calling.

Sachin’s Story

Meet Sachin, a fourth-year student who has put his dreams of a professional cricket career on hold to pursue his purpose in chiropractic.

Ihaia’s Story

Meet Ihaia, a second-year student from Gisborne who plans to use his chiropractic skills to raise the health standards of local communities.

Grace’s Story

Meet Grace, a mother of one with a business degree and fresh chiropractic ambitions.

Ethan’s Story

Meet Ethan, a first-year student with ambitions to integrate chiropractic with traditional medicine.

Jinni’s Story

Meet Jinni, a fourth year student keen to use her chiropractic knowledge to introduce holistic wellbeing options for the animal world.

Watch Olivia’s chiropractic story

Meet some of our international students

Luke’s Story

Meet Luke, a 29-year-old student from Seattle, USA, in his second year at the College.

Victoria’s Story

Meet Victoria, a third year student from Ontario, Canada who has found her calling in chiropractic and strong friendships along the way.

Maryam’s Story

Meet Maryam, a first-year student from Ontario, Canada who went the extra mile to discover if the New Zealand College of Chiropractic was for her.

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