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Ihaia’s Story

Meet Ihaia, a second-year student from Gisborne who plans to use his chiropractic skills to raise the health standards of local communities.

Grace’s Story

Meet Grace, a mother of one with a business degree and fresh chiropractic ambitions.

Alexa’s Story

Meet Alexa, a professional trampolinist and second-year student from South Auckland whose personal experience with chiropractic enticed her to make it a career.

Deanna’s Story

Meet Deanna, a third-year student who changed her longstanding career for a fresh start in chiropractic.

Serena’s Story

Meet Serena, a second-year student from Christchurch who moved to Auckland to pursue her chiropractic calling.

Sachin’s Story

Meet Sachin, a fourth-year student who has put his dreams of a professional cricket career on hold to pursue his purpose in chiropractic.

Watch Olivia’s chiropractic story

Meet some of our international students

Victoria’s Story

Meet Victoria, a third year student from Ontario, Canada who has found her calling in chiropractic and strong friendships along the way.

Maryam’s Story

Meet Maryam, a first-year student from Ontario, Canada who went the extra mile to discover if the New Zealand College of Chiropractic was for her.

Luke’s Story

Meet Luke, a 29-year-old student from Seattle, USA, in his second year at the College.

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