Finding his purpose

As a keen athlete growing up, Luke has been under chiropractic care since he was 14. He began his career in construction as an electrician, before setting up his own successful renovation business.

While staying in the United States and running his construction business would have been financially rewarding, Luke felt unsatisfied on a personal level. He shared his internal battle with his chiropractor, whom he had been seeing every fortnight since he was a teenager and trusted.

Luke’s chiropractor identified with his struggle and, after months of gentle encouragement, finally convinced Luke to look into studying chiropractic for himself.

The journey to the College

To complete the prerequisite courses required for chiropractic study, Luke signed up for classes at a local community college. During that time, whilst also continuing to manage his business, he began researching chiropractic schools around the United States. After comparing and noticing the general approach to chiropractic wasn’t aligned to his own, he began to feel disillusioned.

Two years into his undergraduate study, Luke’s chiropractor called him out of the blue to let him know that the New Zealand College of Chiropractic was hosting an event in town that night. “My ears pricked up when I heard the school was in New Zealand. I cleared my schedule and went to the dinner and after that things just started falling into place. I started falling in love with the idea of studying at the College, without really knowing what I was getting into.”

An easy choice

Luke quickly realised the College’s philosophy was congruent with his own beliefs. It also ticked other important boxes for him such as competitive cost of study and the promise of adventure!

“The best year of my life”

Having never travelled outside of the US, moving to New Zealand was a huge leap of faith for Luke, who came over with nothing more than a computer, a set of skis and a bag full of clothes. He says his life as a first-year student was the best year of his life. “I’ve grown so much. I feel so full being here. New Zealand’s vibe just resonates with me as a person.”

Luke says he didn’t find it too hard to get back into the swing of study because he was eager to start fresh with more like-minded people. He feels he’s hit the jackpot with the College. “Right here at the College there is a disproportionate number of great people around you and I love it.”

“Get out of your comfort zone, that’s where you will grow. If I was to meet my current self a year ago, I wouldn’t recognise myself.”