Kirk started his chiropractic education in the inaugural class at the College and has dedicated his chiropractic career to helping others. Running a successful practice serving the Mt Eden community for the past 20 years, and his involvement at the College as a mentor and technique instructor, provided an excellent knowledge and experience pathway for this next opportunity.

The intern experience our students gain at the Chiropractic Centre is pivotal in the development of their technique, communication and business skills. We’re absolutely delighted Kirk has stepped up to take on this role as Head of Department, building on the great foundation that has been created by our past Chiropractic Centre leaders.

“Through the interview process, Kirk stood out as the ideal person to take on this role and the responsibility that goes with it” says Kelly Holt, College President. “Kirk gave an inspiring presentation of his vision for the Chiropractic Centre, centred on the 3 pillars – care, culture and consistency – to deliver the best chiropractic experience possible for our practice members. I had goosebumps as I listened to Kirk talking about his love of the College and his commitment to enhancing the student/intern learning experience, the mentor and CA team experience, and to deliver the best chiropractic experience possible for our practice members.”

With Kirk’s guidance and leadership in the Chiropractic Centre, the future generation of chiropractors is in great shape.