Teen aspirations

It was Jono’s mum who first introduced him to chiropractic by taking him along to a local chiropractor for adjustments at age 13. While he had no health issues to report, his mum, under regular care herself, wanted him to experience the wellbeing benefits of chiropractic for himself. Already interested in a potential career in the health and wellbeing field, this positive introduction became a launchpad for Jono’s chiropractic ambitions.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Having completed pre-chiro studies at another university, Jono says there is a noticeable difference between the NZCC and most other tertiary education providers. “It was my chiropractor who suggested I apply to the NZCC, not only because it was it in New Zealand, but because it was more bespoke and personal”. He says the small size of the College means it has a real family feel. “Our first year camp was a brilliant experience which brought everyone together. When we all piled into the bus to head to camp, no one said anything, but the ride back from camp was a completely different story, we were all talking and having a great time.”

Jono says the comradery born in those early weeks at the College continues throughout the course.

“There is a strong sense that everyone is in it together. Whether it’s your study group, class mates, or your lecturers, people want to help you, they go the extra mile to help.”

Ditch the comfort zone

Jono’s biggest piece of advice to anyone considering a qualification through the NZCC, is to get outside your comfort zone. “Go and visit local chiropractors and ask questions, get used to talking to people about your passions and beliefs around chiropractic and get first-hand experience of what life as a chiropractor is like. Challenge yourself and you will be rewarded.”

He says while there is huge support available from peers and the NZCC staff, students do need to be prepared to hold themselves accountable, manage their own time and find their own balance, so he recommends anyone enrolling does so with a clear idea of what they want to achieve and why. Jono says he’s excited to get busy in the Chiropractic Centre and with Koha Chiropractic next year to connect with the public, spread the word about chiropractic and take his learning to the next level.

De-stigmatising self-care

When he’s not studying, Jono uses his time to make some money as a builder and, through his work has met many builders and tradies who he knows would benefit hugely from chiropractic care. “There are a lot of people where I am from that could do with chiropractic care. I have worked with a lot of tradies who I know would benefit, but there’s a stigma around self-care and the ‘she’ll be right’ mentality, which I’d like to help them overcome. I’ve spoken about chiropractic to many of the builders I work with and they are surprised to hear that many of issues they have from constant heavy lifting could be helped with regular chiropractic care.”

Jono also wants to raise awareness of chiropractic among the student community, not just because he believes this demographic could benefit in their studies and sporting endeavours with such care, but because many are still unaware of chiropractic as a career path. “When I went to my high school careers advisor and told her I was interested in a career in chiropractic, she had to admit she didn’t know much about it. If schools were more aware of this option, we could educate the next generation, both from a care and professional point of view.”
Jono says this makes him even more grateful he was introduced to chiropractic as a teen and was able to discover the NZCC in his own backyard, “I’ve been challenged, supported and made life-long friends.”