The New Zealand College of Chiropractic (NZCC) charges an annual Compulsory Student Services Fee (CSSF) of $250.  Students who are enrolled in one course in any one semester of an academic year pay a discounted rate of $125.  Students who are only enrolled in the Chiropractic Supplementary Course are exempt from the CSSF.  

The NZCC has a collaborate agreement with the New Zealand Students’ Chiropractic Association (NZCSA) who act as the delegated authority and student voice representing all students.  

The NZCC consults with the NZCSA in a number of areas including the allocation and expenditure of all CSSF funds.  Meeting notes of the consultation is recorded and included in the CSSF Meeting register.  

Feedback from students is sought from the end of year survey which is used to allocate CSSF funds the following year along with feedback from the NZCSA.

Authorisation of expenditure follows the College’s procurement system and is approved by the Executive Vice President.  Income and expenditure are accounted for separately in the College’s accounting system.  

An annual report is provided outlining how CSSF funds have been spent. The report is provided to the NZCSA and available on the website.