Platinum Members:

Dr Mark & Jackie Postles


Gold Members

Drs Shawn Dill & Lacey Book


Silver Members:

Dr Cassandra Fairest

Drs John Funnell & Margi Bishop-Funnell

Dr Laurence & Sarah Gilmore

Healing Wave Chiropractic – Newcastle

Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants

Dr Phil McMaster & Jan Colvin

Drs Chris & Nolene McMaster


Bronze Members:

Dr Les Carroll

Dr Richard & Ginny Cheyne

Chiropractic Centre Mentors

Dr Marcus Chacos DC

Michael Clarke

Dr Graham Dobson

Dr Bruce & Marsha Ellis

Dr Francesco Ferrero & Ms Melanie Kleinhans

Dr Marina & Richard Fox

Dr Irene Gold

Drs Kelly Holt & Janette McCormick

Dr Michael & Sylvia Hooker

Drs Timothy Jack, Matthew Jacob & Gordon McPherson-Rayner

Vikki Kelly

Drs Peter J Kevorkian & Patti A Giuliano

Dr Phillippa Langrell & Mr Ian McAlley

Tim Leeming & Casie O’Meara

Melani Li

Dr Brent & Mary-Claire Lindsay

Drs Jake Long & Jade Fabish

Dr Gordon MacLeod

Dr Emma and Brett Mead

Dr Bill Moss

Drs Blair & Rosemary Norwood

Dr Fiona Pearcey

Dr Nicola Pope

Drs Ash & Katie Pritchard

Dr Chris and Tamara Ramsay

Dr Ross Slater

Dr Mario Stefano

Dr Hayden Thomas

Dr Michael Troy

Drs Tom Vaughan & Chanelle Rhodes

Drs Shayne Will & Katie Marten


Last updated 28 February 2018