She remembers attending the first College graduation in 1999, painting walls when the Margot Street campus opened and hanging pictures when the College first moved to Harrison Road. Vikki has taught in the soft skills programme for the past five years, and she is passionate about chiropractic and the success of our graduates.

Vikki spent her first three months in alumni relations connecting with graduates, learning what matters most to them and how the College can support them in their journey to being the world’s best chiropractor. She realised that there were several initiatives to support alumni that had been created over the years, and she is excited about the new ideas that will help graduates bridge the gap between their life as a student and a fulfilling career in chiropractic.

Vikki aims to build connections so that alumni can access the goldmine of resources, people, and support available through the College community. Her vision is for the alumni to be a movement of the world’s best chiropractors, remaining engaged and connected with the College. She wants alumni interactions to be of such value that graduates will be inspired to pay it forward by giving their time, their talent and their support to the College community. She believes that by working together and looking out for one another, we can make a greater difference for our people and communities, and contribute to the vision of a ‘world of people expressing optimal potential’.

Vikki is excited to be part of the effort to create more support and add value for graduates. Her wish is for all graduates to feel like she does when she comes home to the College like she’s returning to her family.

This year is the 10 and 20th anniversary for graduates in the 2000 and 2010 classes. Vikki is excited to celebrate with these special College graduates at Lyceum and build further alumni connections at the roadshow later this year.