The missing puzzle piece

Ethan began his healthcare career with a mental health apprenticeship in Auckland. After 3.5 years, he branched out into community mental health where he had his first chiropractic encounter. “It wasn’t until my cousin suggested I get checked that I really understood the concept. I immediately loved the idea of specialising in the spinal and nervous systems.” Ethan believes this experience, combined with his fascination with human anatomy, a passion for helping people and a strong desire to be his own boss, became a key piece of the puzzle that led him towards chiropractic study.

Self-employment ambitions

The fact many chiropractors run their own businesses was a huge drawcard for Ethan. “I don’t want to work for other people, I want to be my own boss”, says the 24-year-old, who feels his time at the NZCC is setting him up well with the skills he’ll need to be both a chiropractor and business owner. “I feel like this school is opening me up and really preparing me for life as a chiropractor, whilst giving me a good business foundation to branch off from in the future.” Ethan wasn’t always sure he had the confidence to pursue a chiropractic qualification, but he dug deep and found the courage to push ahead. Now, he wants to use this experience to reassure others passionate about chiropractic study that backing yourself is the right thing to do. “If you feel a pull towards chiropractic, but and have doubts as to whether you’re up to it, just put in the time and just do it. That’s how it was for me, and if I hadn’t had gone for it, I know I would have regretted it. This course is a personal investment that allows me to follow my passion and build a future.”

A built-in support network

He says the NZCC’s huge support network is one of the great things about the school, noting that, regardless of any age difference, everyone is there to achieve the same outcome and support each other through the process. “We all help each other out because no one wants to see anyone left behind. Everyone in my year group is lovely and we make sure we progress through our studies together.” He says knowing that the NZCC is an internationally-renowned school that people travel to New Zealand from around the world to attend is a great feeling. “I had no idea how amazing this school was until I arrived.”

On the right path

“I know I’m on the right path. I have a whole lot of ideas about what I want to do. I’m so excited”, says Ethan whose long-term goals include finding ways to integrate chiropractic into the medical field. “I’d like to team up with GPs and others in the medical fraternity, so they feel they can refer their patients for chiropractic support as part of an overall treatment solution.” He says he’d love to see everyone New Zealander enjoying a fully functioning nervous system through chiropractic, and to have played a part in making that more accessible in communities.

“I’d love to have a clinic where you can come in and access everything you need for wellness. Medicine tends to focus on one part of the person, and I want to encourage more integration to benefit the patient.”

Short term goals for Ethan after graduating include travelling the world as a locum chiropractor, before returning to New Zealand to settle down and establish his own practice.