Coffee with Chiros

Philosophy Club is providing inspiration for early risers organising Coffee with Chiros providing a double shot of chiropractic philosophy with our Alumni guest speakers including Nick Laurie, Marc Yip Choy, Whitney Chicoine and Lydia McClean.

The Great Debate

The Great Debate is a highly anticipated event in the Philosophy Club annual calendar and congratulations to the fourth years who took the win in a hotly contested event against the second years. Congratulations on their creative and memorable arguments and entertainment for all those in attendance and the judges Marina Fox, Kelly Holt and Hannah Gaskin.

Chiropractic TED Talks

Students love the Ted Talk events the Philosophy Club puts on. It’s always great getting the chance to connect with chiropractors sharing their wisdom and passion. Pictured Alumni Simon Kelly with Jeremy Villani.

Dinner with Docs

Food and Drink, Chiropractic Chats and great company, Dinner with the Docs provides students a great opportunity to network with Chiropractors. This year’s programme has included Alumni Jens and Jenna Duehr and Heidi Haavik. Proceeds support WCCS members to attend the World Congress.

Happy Hour

The regular Happy Hour series organised by the CSA gives students the opportunity for students to come together for some social time and conversations. This year’s series kicked off with guest of honour, Bruce Lipton.

CSA Games

Our annual Chiropractic Student Association games was an action-packed day of fun and competition. Fantastic to see the year group teams, harnessing their competitive spirit and battling it out against each other and staff. Congratulations to the 4th Years for their epic effort as overall winners on the day.