The highlight moment for the Board for 2021 was the appointment of our new president, Dr Kelly Holt. We are so proud that the head of our college has a PhD (in Public Health no less), is a Kiwi and a graduate of the College, who is both young and wise and understands the culture.

We all know that this year has been one of huge opportunity and enough challenges to test all our resolves. I am in awe of how the team at the College stepped up and navigated through the pandemic mess that was thrown at them every day. They all rolled up their sleeves and got it done. I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone at the College for their determination and efforts throughout this year, it did not go unnoticed. I would also like to make special mention of our immediate past president, Dr Ash Pritchard, for his stewardship during this time and for handing on a torch still burning brightly.

It would be fair to say that with a new president and a new chairman, and the changes required to teach a programme in an environment shaped by a global pandemic, we are entering a new chapter for the College.

The Board of Trustees has recognised for some time that we needed a succession strategy for the Board and set out this year to appoint several new Trustees. Our new Trustees have brought with them some amazing skill sets to strengthen gaps in our governance. They have had a baptism of fire in their first year and have really stepped up and gone into bat for the College. The Board is now comprised of Shiree Murdoch, Simon Kelly, Scott Taylor, Louise Blair, Lydia McClean, Rick Johnson, Blair Norwood, and myself as chairman. At a future date I would like to get each of our Trustees to share their background and experience with you, so you know who these custodians are and what their goals and dreams are for the College.

We are happy to let you know that the College is in sound financial shape, despite a year of uncertainty created by the worldwide upheaval. I would like to acknowledge and thank every one of you who has donated to and been a supporter of our College through the years, including our Tui Iwi Foundation members and our Alumni and Friends. You have provided us with a sound financial platform that provides stability for the College moving forward. Without your help and support we would not be in the financial position to be working through the purchase of the College campus, which we believe will give the College a strong and stable base for growth.

Looking forward into 2022, the major strategic directions will include collaboration with you (our internal and external stakeholders) to plan and implement strategies to shape the culture that continuously guides, unites and aligns all of us with the vision, values and mission of the college. We also have some innovative ideas for research, the Chiropractic Centre, future financial independence and advancements in the way we teach our programme. Watch this space.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new graduates to this great profession. Please remember that the learning is not over … please respect that with your new role comes responsibility … and please reach out, we are still here to offer help and guidance should you need it.

On behalf of the Board, our wish is that you all take some time this holiday season to refresh with family and friends and that your 2022 is filled with adventures, excitement and happy memories.