Together with our alumni and friends, we share great pride in investing in the future of chiropractic, so new generations of chiropractors will experience a world-class education delivered by a world-class faculty and in world-class facilities.

Established in 2002, the Tua Iwi Foundation is for those wanting to join the leadership movement in supporting the delivery of vitalistic, subluxation-focused chiropractic education.

There are many ways to give, and your support as a Tua Iwi member secures our best future for the College legacy to grow and thrive.

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Tua Iwi Members

Platinum Members

Chiropractic Life

Eden Chiropractic

Gold Members

Dr Kelly Holt

Silver Members

Dr Ben & Monique Bruce

Dr Laurence & Sarah Gilmore

Healing Wave Chiropractic – Newcastle

Dr Anna Heath

Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants

Bronze Members

Drs John & Dionne Bassano

Dr Lindsay & Jason Best

Dr Dean & Priyanka D’cruz

Dr Bruce & Marsha Ellis

Dr Cassandra Fairest

Dr Marina & Richard Fox

Dr Michael & Sylvia Hooker

Drs Timothy Jack & Matthew Jacob

Dr Isaac Jones

Dr Sam Keeling

Vikki Kelly

Drs Peter J Kevorkian & Patti A Giuliano

Drs Tim Leeming & Casie O’Meara

Drs Jake Long & Jade Fabish

Drs Kasey McMaster-Stoeten and Sindre Stoeten

Drs Blair & Rosemary Norwood

Drs Ash & Katie Pritchard

Dr Chris and Tamara Ramsay

Dr Ross Slater

Dr Mario Stefano

Dr Adrian Stocco

Dr Valerie Tan

Tasman Chiropractic

Dr Hayden Thomas

Drs Tom & Chanelle Vaughan

Last updated 27 September 2022