The students were supported by their student leadership team and it was a great opportunity to acknowledge them and their work this year.

A mini Lyceum award ceremony was held at Assembly as we weren’t able to come together this year when we would normally celebrate our awardees.

Congratulations to everyone and very well deserved.

Business Excellence Award – Thomas Maurer

In recognition of running the most profitable business as a chiropractic intern.

Paediatric Practice Award – Bridget Liddell

Highest achievement in all areas of study and care of children at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

Adjustor Award – Kim Rauch and Rize Michau

Outstanding contribution to fun and entertainment within the walls of the Chiropractic Centre and excellent adjusting skills.

Certificate of Appreciation Awards

In recognition of your leadership, mentorship and commitment as a student mentor. From left – Samantha Quezet, Thomas Maurer, Kim Rauch, Samuel Field,  Sachin Variath, Ena Fiel, Conor Laing, Natalie Blake, Anastasia Watt, Sophie Pepperell, Misa Mackwell, Hayley Elmsly, Victoria Clare, Nina Linnell, Sienna Packer, Ilaaria Khan, Rize Michau, Reece Matier

Epic Steps Superstars

In recognition of those who have developed and implemented the Epic Steps Visit into the Chiropractic Centre. From left – Leo Van Lierop, Hayley Elmsley, Trevor Harbrow (Head of Department: Chiropractic Centre), Steve Barati, Rize Michau

NZCC Faculty Member of the Year – Walid Bashouri

NZCC Alumni Chiropractor of the Year – Adrian Stocco

Appreciation Awards – Class Reps

From left – Rachelle HardieNeil (Executive Vice President), Luke Peterson, Camille Fontaine-Morin, Chantal Wilson, Conor Laing, Ben Carrington, Christopher de Vries, Thomas Maurer, Deanna Paul, Reece Matier. Absent – Aryane Powell

NZCSA Staff Award – William Ramsay

NZCSA Faculty Award – Walid Bashouri

NZCA Student Leadership Award – Chad Carter

For demonstrating consistent excellence in student involvement, leadership, academia, and commitment to the chiropractic profession.